We are launching a new kind of business.


One that is connected to its customers. One that is serious about its work yet truly has fun doing it. At the same time, we want to make the most of emerging technologies to provide our clients with the best products out there.

Talk about paradox: hebederma is a small company that sees big. We are very aware that our new fresh serum concept will turn the dermo-cosmetic industry upside down. But we do not produce our serum for the industry’s sake: we crafted it for you, one person at a time.

Attitudes have evolved; people now know what they want. And they want fresh and all-natural products. So this is what hebe offers you. We have created an anti-age serum without preservatives (those pesky ingredients with hard to pronounce names, listed in fineprint on products labels, and whose functions are sometimes unclear). Our serum is composed of only three ingredients: water, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. It is as simple as that.

Because we are persuaded that a fresh product means better results, we produce the serum to order and ship it out to you rapidly. That explains our decision to sell exclusively online. Our goal: to get the product into your hands as soon as possible. By the time you receive it, it will only be a few days old (hebe is most efficient in its first 60 days).

Our way of communicating with you will also be different. We will not overwhelm you with aggressive ads. We indeed look for ways to inform and entertain you (through Facebook, for example). We respect your intelligence and we will interact with you accordingly.


Pierre Félix Brisson, President and Shareholder