The name of the company: hebederma was inspired by the goddess Hebe from the Greek’s mythology symbolizing eternal youth. This new firm produces high end specialty cosmetics in strict laboratory aseptic environment. All the ingredients are injectable grade and the Company is registered at Canada Health.

hebe is their first line of product. The building block molecule is hyaluronic acid as the main active ingredient. For the formulation of their anti-aging serum they use a unique dosage of various molecular weights.

The unique ‘’ freshness ‘’concept also differentiates hebe from the industry they guaranty that the product they will ship will have less than 10 days since formulation in their laboratory. This is a radical change over the common practice in this market where the notion of freshness does not exist due to long expected shelf life.

hebederma’s products are refined formulas containing no fragrance, no added coloring agents, no chemical ad-on and a minimal preservative.

The results are astonishing

hebederma’s president Pierre Félix Brisson says: The market for cosmetics has always been on the rise but we are unique with our vision about time delivery and strict laboratory production. Using pharmaceutical grade ingredients gives us perfect control on the quality.  We only take the best to make the best since we want to address the refined consumer segment who (is reading the ingredient and that) can value the difference of a freshly formulated product.

Our boutique  style production gives us the capacity to fully control the time between formulation and consumer’s application. We do not have products sitting on the shelves for months. The first market served by hebederma is Canada. The shipping was granted to Canada Post. The client will get delivery of their serum with a guaranteed maximum of 3 days after shipping coast to coast.

François Descarie hebederma’s vice-president add:  “New models of internet marketing allow us to go out and reach the consumer directly without the traditional distribution sequence. This creates a better personalized relationship environment. More friendly,  more intimate. We like to sense the human presence behind the ecommerce.  We will maintain a direct personal link with our guests so we can share their taste and concerns.”

The target date for initial offering is mid-January with possible restricted pre-sales.